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Pre-production site for a WW2 romantic drama based on true events.

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Background to our movie

We, at ICM HQ, have been working on this project for just about 2 years now and we are getting closer to starting its production. Here’s a quick history…well quickish! The Ice Cream Man is a WW2 drama written by Ronnie Papaleo and is based on the true story of his parents and family during the Second World War. The inspiration to write this account evolved around his work in the entertainment industry over the last 25 years and from his training as a commercial artist combined with a keen interest in history and in particular WW2. Ronnie has been involved in many film and TV productions such as Band of Brothers, Flags of our Fathers, Atonement and Valkyrie. To pass the time waiting around on film sets, Ronnie started writing down the stories his family had told him when he was a kid, stories that had fascinated him; as with all families, these stories exist: an uncle who parachuted behind enemy lines; a granddad who was in the trenches or a father running the gauntlet of submarines as Captain of a destroyer. Spitfires, Land Army girls, ARPs, all evocative images and memories. So, when on set a few years back, sat having a conversation with a producer about family histories and WW2, the producer said, "Why don’t you write a script?" …and the gauntlet was thrown down.

Watch this space….

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