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Pre-production site for a WW2 romantic drama based on true events.

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What shall we wear?

Some of the costumes that are being prepared for filming.

Click on some to see enlarged pics.

uni1 uni1b

German uniforms in the process of having their insignias attached.

uni2    uni4

Auxiliary Fire Service uniform - complete with gas mask and steel helmet alongside AFS caps.

uni3 web32

Tommy's uniform with trusty Enfield. And some of our British steel helmets being aged.

uni5 web004

And a pile of Italian soldiers' helmets being stencilled and aged. Italian headwear being badged and aged.

uni6 uni6b

Three German soldiers ready for action.                                   Kreigsmarine caps aged and distressed.

uni7 uni8

Italian tropical uniform in the process of being 'distressed' and a period poster.

web38 web040

These are nice! Original ladies wartime shoes, the brown pair are `utility clothing marked` the little tins of shoe polish are period 40`s and still perfectly usable. `Villa` polish was made in Liverpool and Carlisle.

web 008 web 008b

Royal Navy caps for officers, petty officers and ratings.     British army caps 'nicely' badged.

racks1 racks2

Italian uniforms badged and ready.                                         British battle dress next to be badged.

boots boots

Fezzes and garb for the natives.                                              Boots! I think we are going to need more polish...

ws1 ws2 ws13

Just a corner of our busy sewing room. More tea?

molly      mollydrawn

Production drawing for `Rose` in her new land army uniform heading for the lake District. And a still of our`Molly` playing Rose in our short promo.

And this is just some of the stuff we have...