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Pre-production site for a WW2 romantic drama based on true events.

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The devil is in the detail - props for the Ice Cream man Movie.

Months of searching resulted in many genuine props now being prepared for filming.

Click on some to see enlarged pics.

prop1 wp 009sm.jpg

These periodicals are authentic to the time just prior to the battle of Sidi Barrani - December 1940.

wp 032.JPG prop2

Here are some little Bredas from our armoury and replica 75/27 shells in the forground. Actual handbooks and manuals for the Breda 37 machine gun and the 75/27 artillery piece that Antonio would be familiar with.

prop3 prop3b

A cigarette case made by Antonio whilst in POW Camp 50 - Haydock Park. The little book is an English/Italian phrase book available to prisoners at the time. A favourite pastime of all soldiers seemed to be cigarettes...

prop4 prop5 prop6

Italian badges, buttons and money - mostly original.

prop7 prop7b

Italian Carcano bayonettes - rare items. One authentic, the rest manufactured at ICM HQ in resin and the rifles that go with them.

prop8 prop8i prop8ii

Authentic Italian Beretta 34 pistol used by officers.

prop9 prop99i prop99ii

Authentic German Luger PO8.

prop9a prop9ai

Authentic British Webley service pistol.

prop9b prop9bi

AFS (Auxilliary Fire Service) items.... and the next picture shows an original Liverpool NFS Helmet & Cap.

prop9c prop9ci

The AFS later became the NFS (National Fire Service). '26' was the area number for Liverpool and in the top
left hand corner is a very rare helmet transfer; next picture shows AFS/NFS Belts and Axes.

prop9d prop9di

Original ARP items including the whistle (Put that light out!).

prop9e prop9e1 prop9eii

Police items - two very rare police badges: left - Liverpool; right - Bootle. Duty arm bands and very difficult to find Liver Birds
for uniform collars.

prop9f prop9fi

Women's Land Army badges.

prop9g prop9h prop9h

Show me the money - original pre and early war money to fit in with our story. Notice the tiny silver threepenny pieces.

prop9i prop9ii prop9iii

Fresh from the mould, Italian `Red Devil` hand Grenades. Unlike most grenades that had a timed fuse, these little tinkers
were designed to explode on impact but often if they landed on soft ground they would not go off. They would lie armed and
waiting for their victim. Our resin copies are being sanded and painted with the fuse pulls attached, they will be added
to the ever growing prop store.

prop9j lorry

Italian military vehicles carried a metal crest on their fronts; now sought after by collectors, these crests are difficult to find. Here at ICM HQ, we have taken a mould from an original and cast resin replicas. The b/w photograph shows the crest on the radiator grill - a rare picture.

prop9k web29

Another hard to find item, we couldn’t believe that this badge would be so difficult to track down… We ended up buying an original from America! After a little bit of hand finishing and painting, they are now being attached to our replica Liverpool police helmets.

prop9l prop9l

Civilian gas mask filters: original WW2 masks contain asbestos so we cannot use them in our movie (nasty
little blighters). We have made our own.

prop9m prop9mb

Italian communications post and two original field telephones.

prop9n prop9ni

`As the sun rises British Matilda tanks wait for the order to advance towards Sidi Barrani…`
(but not these ones! because there just scale models.)

prop10 prop10b

And a whole bunch of original Italian mess kits and canteens and some prerequisites...

guns1 guns2

Just back from the proof house: deactivated German K98 rifles being reassembled in our workshop.

tents1 guns2

Some production drawings including our Italian Army camp! And here is one of our tents out for an airing.

coin1sm coins2

A very rare badge indeed: a small badge for the workers at No.7 Royal Ordnance Factory at Kirkby which we have replicated in resin.


...and rows of suitcases from the forties....